Andouille Dogs


1 pack andouille sausage links
Sliced cheese (your choice)
Super soft hot dog buns
Bacon slices cooked the way you like (I don’t like crispy bacon)
All the toppings you like on regular hot dogs


Butterfly the links

Cut cheese slices into slivers about 1/2 inch wide

Heat a skillet on medium high then spray with non-stick cooking spray

Put the links in the hot skillet butterfly side down and cook until a little brown and crusty… about 3 to 4 minutes (if you like your dogs burnt cook them longer)

Flip the links, place cheese slivers onto each andouille link and cook the same as you did the first side

Place the sausage and cheese in a bun, add bacon, and then top it however you like

*** I didn’t put measurements on any of the things because that will be determined by how many people are eating. You just have to figure that out before you get started